"Turnkey" Turf Removal & Drought Tolerant Landscape Installation Program

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Remove Green. Receive Green.

Help California save water by removing your grass. Say goodbye to the hassle, maintenance, and expense of lawns.

***Funding for the Turnkey Program has been committed and new applications are no longer being accepted. However, rebates for turf removal are still available. Please visit the DIY Turf Removal Program page for more information and to apply, rightscapenow.com/turf-removal/diy-turf-removal.***



Residential Customers

  • Receive $2 per sq.ft.
  • Capped at max of 2,000 sq.ft.
  • 500 sq.ft. minimum
  • See FAQ below for more details

*Turf Rebate is no longer available for recycled water customers.
**Participation in rebate programs may be discoverable under the California Public Records Act.

IRWD has made the process of replacing your lawn with a drought friendly landscape even easier! The IRWD "Turnkey" Turf Removal Program builds upon the popular DIY Turf Removal Rebate program by offering residential customers the benefit of a full service program that takes the stress out of having to research, design and build a project. The Turnkey program allows customers to sit back and relax while IRWD’s drought tolerant landscape expert, WaterWise Consulting Inc. (WWC), manages the project from start to finish. Customers will first meet with WWC's landscape design consultant to discuss their vision and goals for the project. Once the design is finalized, a dedicated project team will be assembled to remove existing grass, install new drought tolerant plants and convert the existing irrigation system to drip irrigation.

Funding is capped at $4,000 per address for both the DIY and the Turnkey Rebate programs. Click here to learn more about the DIY Turf Removal Rebate Program.

Customers are responsible for payment of design costs regardless if the project is implemented. A portion of the project costs will be required at the onset of the project once the design is complete. Customers are responsible for obtaining any required design approvals from their Home Owner’s Associations.

This program does not provide funding for the removal of shrubs, trees or other materials. Funding up to $2,000 is based only on the square footage of grass that is removed and replaced with drought tolerant landscaping. A pre-inspection will be required.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this program be available?

The program is based on the availability of funding. This program is extremely popular and current funding levels are nearly fully committed. If you are serious about pursuing the turn-key turf program, you should apply as soon as possible.

I’ve already removed my grass. Do I still qualify for the program?

No. IRWD must be able to gather an accurate measurement of your turf during the pre-inspection. If it is not there, an accurate measurement cannot be obtained.

My HOA won’t allow me to replace turf. What can I do?

AB 2100 prohibits HOAs from imposing fines against homeowners for reducing or eliminating irrigation during drought, while AB 2104 states that any provision of an HOA’s governing documents (CC&Rs, etc) is void and unenforceable if it prohibits the use of low water-using plants or replacement of turf. If you are still having trouble with your HOA, please email as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 949-453-5581.

What is the minimum amount of turf I can convert?

To be eligible for the Turnkey Turf program, you must convert a minimum of 500 square feet of turf.

I don’t have the minimum 500 square feet required. Can I still participate in this program?

No, you would not be eligible for the Turnkey Turf program but you should consider applying for the DIY Turf Removal Rebate program.

What if my turf is already dead?

To be eligible for the program, at the time of the mandatory pre-inspection, all proposed turf removal areas must be free of weeds, dirt patches and bare soil. Watering of the proposed turf removal area may be reduced or stopped prior to the pre-inspection however evidence of turf must be visible such as dead grass or root structure. Any proposed turf removal areas that do not fall within the guidelines may be denied eligibility.

What is included in the project costs?

The project costs include landscape design, eradication and removal of the turf, irrigation conversion, installation of the new landscape and 2 follow up visits to ensure the healthy development of the new plants and landscape.

What is excluded from the project costs?

The project costs do not include dumping fees for the turf or any fees that are required for HOA landscape review.

How is the turf removed?

There are several methods of removing existing turf however not all of them are effective long term. The most effective methods for turf removal take place during the active growth stage of the plant, which is generally in the spring, and involve chemical eradication of the turf followed by removal of the dead plant material. There will always be a risk of regrowth so the customer must be diligent in maintaining their landscape.

How long does it take before my project can get started?

Timelines vary based on availability. Generally, the turf needs to be eradicated during the active growing stage of the plant, which occurs in the spring. You can stop watering your grass after the initial inspection. You can expect to meet with a landscape designer within 2 weeks of your initial consultation. Turf will be removed approximately 1 week after the eradication process is complete and installation can begin approximately 1 week after removal. Once the existing turf is removed, the project should be completed within 1 month.

Can I include a fountain or water feature in my project?

No. water containing fixtures are considered impermeable and therefore not eligible for the program.

Can I replace my turf with synthetic or artificial turf?

This program is designed to create living landscape of drought tolerant plants. If you are interested in artificial turf, you should consider the DIY Turf Removal program.

What are the requirements for the resulting landscape?

The landscape must be drought-tolerant and permeable to air and water. The landscape must contain 30-50% plant material upon full growth of the plants. Although hardscape requires less water, plant material is necessary for its ecological and environmental benefits. If there is not enough plant material remaining, environmental hotspots are created. Additionally, turf-like grasses such as fescue or Bermuda grass or any invasive species are not permitted.

What kind of choices will I have for my landscape design?

You will be able to choose from a variety of options including options with permeable hardscape, decomposed granite, mulch, pathways and other options. The design must contain 30-50% plant material. Additional choices may be available upon request at an additional fee to the customer.

Are there any up-front costs?

Once you complete the design phase and sign the written agreement, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $1 per square foot. If you decide to cancel the project during the design phase or before you sign the written agreement, you will be liable for the design cost of $75 per hour.

I have already participated in the turf removal rebate program. Do I still qualify for this program as well?

You are eligible for a total of 2,000 square feet of landscape conversion between the 2 programs. If you have completed a project through the turf removal rebate program that was less than 2,000 square feet, then you would be eligible to remove the remaining turf up to 2,000 square feet total.

How do I apply for the program?

The application is available online. You will need a copy of your water bill and 3 pictures of the area you would like to convert.

What if I start the project and then change my mind?

If you change your mind during the design phase of the project but before you have signed the written agreement, you will be liable for the costs of the design plan at $75 per hour. If you change your mind after you have signed the written agreement and paid your deposit of $1 per square foot, you will forfeit the deposit.

Who is the consultant that will be performing the work and what are their qualifications?

IRWD has contracted with WaterWise Consulting. They are a licensed California contractor with 13 years’ experience in irrigation science, horticulture, and water use analysis and are dedicated to creating environmentally sound landscape design tailored to needs of each customer.

How can I learn more about which plants are water-efficient?

IRWD offers free workshops and resources to IRWD customers. You can sign up for RightScape Garden workshops here. Also, check out our landscape resources page for more resources on how to choose the right plants for your garden.